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Pain Relief

Are you in pain? Are you not able to do the things that mean the most to you because of Headache, Neck or Shoulder Pain, Back or Knee Pain. Do you want a proven, safe and cost effective solution which does not involve dangerous drugs or surgery? Discover the secret that pro athletes have used for years to deal with these disabeling conditions.

Were all athletes! In one way or another. Elite professional, club level player, weekend warrior to occupational athlete. Our bodies respond to damage and pain the same. The professional athlete has the most sophisticated and effective tools of our century to get them back in the game as fast as possible. We go beyond traditional chiropractic. This almost always involves the use of several modalities.

Your Chair is Killing You

I've been telling my patients for some time about the evils of prolonged sitting. It really is the new smoking. Not surprising is that in addition to the deleterious effects it has on creating musculoskeletal disorders the role it plays on increased morbidity is now being fully understood. The average American sits 13 hours a day. Based on 18 studies reported during the past 16 years, covering 800,000 people. Those who sat for more than 4 hours a day while watching television had a 46% increase in deaths from any cause compared with people who sat in front of the tube for less than 2 hours. Also, sitting for more than half the day doubles the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Obese people sit on average 2.25 hours longer than their lean counterparts every day.