Advanced treatment for back pain

The chiropractic adjustment has long been the standard of care for back pain. However, numerous other modalities exist that when used in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation greatly accelerate the resolution of even complex severe cases.

Conditions such as spinal stenosis, herniated disc, facet syndrome and djd, degenerative disc disease are much better treated by a system of spinal decompression. A specialized technique of spinal decompression is the Cox Technique. This utilizes a special table that not only decompresses the spine along the Y axis, (the longitudinal axis) but also breaks into flexion and extension and right and left lateral flexion. This allows the practitioner to target very specific directions of movement that address exact restrictions in spinal movement. MRI studies have shown an increase in disc height after treatment with this system. It is theorized that a vacuum effect is created in the disc which sucks fluid and nutrients back into the degenerated disc. To some extent this occurs when you sleep but it quickly goes away when you stand up. The decompression treatment has a much longer lasting effect. This may draw herniated disc material back into the confines of the disc. The increase in disc height takes pressure off the entrapped spinal nerves. In addition, combining soft tissue techniques to break up scar tissue such as ART, Active Release Technique, Graston and the Rapid Release Instrument greatly accelerate the resolution and treatment of these disabling conditions. Scar tissue is often the main culprit that entraps nerves peripherally from the spine in the soft tissues. An example would be sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. What causes the scar tissue? The most common reason is the repetitive injury cycle. As an example. Simply working on a computer keyboard all day creates so much scar tissue it entraps the nerves that run into your hand. This occurs without any traumatic injury. In the case of sciatica, the biggest offender is prolonged sitting! ART, Active Release Technique, Graston, and the Rapid Release Instrument are designed to facilitate the clearance of this scar tissue which allows muscles and other soft tissue structures to translate over each other and free entrapped peripheral nerves.

A key component to any successful treatment for back pain is a custom rehab program designed to strengthen and rebalance soft tissues.Each individual is different and requires a unique approach to treatment and rehab. This is the reason these protocols typically provide over a 90% success rate.

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