Amazing Science facts

When it comes to aging were all looking for a hedge.

When science looks at all the available data and tries to see if there is a common denominator to long life, we tend to look at what are called Blue Zones! Certain areas of the world that have high populations of centurion's. Interesting in that diet has little to do with it.
It seems the best indicator for a long and healthy life comes down to a close support network of friends and family.
In an area of Greece, known for being a "Blue Zone", they always set an extra seat and plate at the dinner table for a new guest or stranger and they tend not to ask what you had for dinner the previous night, but "who" you had dinner with.

Did you know that there are actually 4 phases of water
We all know it's a solid, a liquid and a gas.
But there is a 4th phase. It's the water in your cells which is in a gel phase. Kind of like jellow!
And unlike the water we drink in a liquid phase the water in our cells has a hexagonal shape to it. 
Just like the beautiful pictures we've all seen of snow flakes. This is the way water naturally looks when it falls out of the sky and runs down a stone creek or river.
Turns out this type of cellular water is a key indicator of health or potential for future disease which can be measured by a test known as a phase angle.
The problem is this "structured water", which is actually H3O2  is not what we typically drink. Any water allowed to sit for extended periods losses this shape, clumps up and as a result has a harder time getting into the cell. 
Which is why even though many of us drink more than enough water you may still be chronically dehydrated.
There are systems out there that will restructure the water and which will be absorbed much better.