Cellulite. The Cause-The Cure.

Many women and some men deal with this issue. It can be the source of embarrassment and shame for many people. The cause of cellulite is complex and misrepresented in most media sources. First and foremost it is a genetic condition of the fascia and hormone receptors on our fat cells. Losing weight is not the solution. Let's start with the fascia issue. Myofascia is our internal skeleton. It surrounds all our organs and muscle. Women for yet unknown reasons seem to have more gaps in this system. Imagine a sheet of plastic wrap covering your fat and muscle. Women more than men, although this can happen in men have holes or gaps in this sheet where the fat pokes through causing that lumpy bumpy appearance . As of yet no real permanent solution exists to fix this condition. Although it can be mitigated and I'll explain how in just a moment. The second issue is also genetic. It has to do with the number of Adrenoceptors you have on your fat cells. We all have alpha and beta receptors on fat. They control metabolism of fat cells and blood flow in and out of our cells. In order to burn fat cells we need to increase both metabolism and blood flow into these cells. Beta receptors are the good guys while alphas do the opposite. Unfortunately those prone to cellulite have as much as 9 times more alpha receptors in their problem areas. The condition is compounded by the following mistakes.

Too much cardio. Excess cardio training chews up muscle tissue.

Your desk job. Sitting has been determined to be as much of a health risk as smoking! It leads to overall reduction in total metabolic rate, poor posture, weak glute muscles.

High consumption of sugar free, fat free foods. These foods are processed and are loaded with estrogen mimicking chemicals that add to the problem of alpha receptor activity.

So how do you fix this problem? Like I said loosing weight is not the answer. Many "slim"women have cellulite. First , you need to shift your focus from endless cardio sessions to more resistance type training. Specifically exercises to target the lower body and activate the posterior chain. (The muscles that run down the back side of your body). Things like super setting glute bridges with lunges or squat variations. If your unclear how to do these I have several trainers I've taught this method to that can work with you. You also want to include a total body weight training routine either using body weight or free weight systems. Oh, and guess what this is a much more effective method to loose Fat than traditional cardio exercise because lean muscle is your metabolic furnace which causes the body to burn more calories over a 24 hr. period than cardio training.

Second you need to detoxify the body. Several studies by the CDC and EPA have proven that we are loaded to the gills with hundreds of toxic chemicals. Many of these cause a condition known as Estrogen Dominance" which can increase alpha receptor activity on your fat cells.

Third. If you have a job that requires you to sit any longer than 20 minutes you've got to get up and break that cycle. Stand up and stretch, move around, beat up your boss, great stress reducer. Do something that gets your metabolism up for a few seconds. ( If you e-mail me I'll send you a free video link that has a great little stretch specifically designed to address this issue). And lastly re-read my nutrition guide! You need to start eating like a cave man......My guide has all the info on that, again if you need it let me know and I'll send you the updated version for free.