Chronic Pain Part 2

In the first part of this series on chronic pain we covered one of the several drivers of chronic pain.

Lack of "kinetic flow" or movement being at the top of the list.

Again, most of us simply don't move enough or don't move properly.

This starves the brain because movement is literally nutrition for your noodle.

The signal it sends out when it's starving is PAIN!

There are several other factors that drive pain.

Posture, dehydration and lack of nutrients to repair the body being a few.

Today I want to talk about the concept of grounding!

The earth surface electrical charge is always negative.

Just like your appliances and computers need to be grounded to prevent a surge of positive charge which can at least cause interference and at worst fry your components.

The human body needs this same protection. 

Grounding or earthing is simply the act of connecting with the earths electrical charge.

When we step or lie down on the ground we literally exchange negative electrons with the earth minimizing positive charge.

Something nature intended us to do.

Our ancestors were in intimate contact with the earth. They walked on it, they slept on it and in so doing were continually exchanging electrons and becoming using a new age term, "at one with the earth".

That all changed when two things happened. 

One we started wearing rubber or plastic soled shoes.

Remember basic physics, rubber and plastic are insulators to electricity. Meaning, no exchange.

Two, we started living in wood frame houses and elevating our beds off the ground, also an insulator.

The human body by nature is electrical.

Free radical molecules attract electrons and snatch them from other molecules, a process at the core of inflammation, tissue destruction and disease.

Those of you who know me or read my articles know I'm a bit of a research geek.

At this point, numerous studies have been done to validate this issue and explain the benefits of grounding.

An excellent book on this subject is,  Earthing by Clinton Ober and Stephen Sinatra M.D.

For the sake of brevity I'll mention only one study from the book.

66 people who complained about sleep problems and a variety of joint and muscle pain were divided in half.

 For thirty days half slept on a grounding mat and the other half slept on a mat that looked grounded but was not.

At the end of 30 days the following was noted.

As always, I try to end my articles with practical tips to help improve your health.


  1. Take your shoes off and walk in nature.  i.e.  The beach or on grass, also great for exercising the muscles in your feet which usually are completely neglected.  (Big mistake being your feet are your foundation).   Even walking on concrete grounds you, not as good but some is better than nothing.
  2. Sleep and sit on a grounding mat and now they have grounding sheets. We spend a third of our life sleeping and unfortunately the average person in western society sits for 12 hours a day!  You might as well do something "positive" (pun intended) while sitting. 


 As always,  watching your back,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Dr. Steve