Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer Risk: Fact or Fiction

A recent report picked up by the media has reported a link to Fish Oil consumption and increased risk of prostate cancer. Like most studies reported by the main stream media there are so many things wrong with their version that I'm not sure where to begin. First there are numerous studies that have shown the exact opposite. They show a reduction in occurrence. Second, this study only used one single blood test of plasma fatty acids to determine risk.

Omitted from the media frenzy was the fact that this study was not about fish oil supplement users. The authors admitted they did not know how the study participants achieved what turned out to be very lowomega-3 plasma percentages in all groups. In fact, omega-3 plasma levels were only 40% of what would be expected in health conscious people taking the proper dose of fish oil. Had these very low plasma levels of omega-3 been recognized, it would have been apparent that this report had no meaning for those who boost their omega-3 consumption through diet and supplements.

Every time I see or hear about a report like this I grow more and more disillusioned with the accuracy and what seems to be an inherent bias they have toward any thing that does not follow the dictum of big pharma.....Which, by the way is one of their biggest ad revenue sources they have.