Global Warming? ISIS? Get A Real Problem!

Is global warming a bigger problem than world terrorism? Interesting question. The flack Obama is taking over recent comments alluding to this has generated a fire storm of controversy. Why would he be focusing on this being a bigger problem?According to the Global Humanitarian Forum more than 300,000 people have died as a result of increased heat waves, drought, wild fires and other calamities being directly related to global warming. This number is expected to rise to 500,000 by 2030. Obviously this is a big concern.But is this issue more dangerous than the threat of terrorism? I'm not sure if there are any statistics recording the number of people killed, maimed or displaced from terrorist acts. I don't think the number is any where near 300,000 though. I think that both these issues pale in comparison to what is a much greater threat to our society.Chronic Disease! Every year in this country alone 610.000 people according to the CDC die from Cardiovascular disease alone. Another 584,000 die from cancer. 1.6 million people a year in the U.S., when you factor in other causes like Alzheimers and COPD, will die. That's the leading cause of death in this country!  Compare that number to the one I cited above.  And for the most part these deaths are completely within our control. They are a direct result of life style choices we make, or don't make as the case may be.  I wonder how many people are rushing out to buy a handgun to protect themselves from  terrorists and have a cigarette in their mouth.Or how many gyms people will drive their Prius by and never step foot in?I'm not saying we should ignore the problems of terrorism or global warming, but it's amazing to me the fears we focus on that are statistically remote from affecting us directly and completely ignore the real threat right in front of us.The power to effectively control your fate is more in your hands than you realize.Just saying!   Watching your back, Dr. Bartz