Low T

I used to joke with my friends that if I had breasts I would be so pre-occupied I'd probably never leave the house. Lately, I haven't been seeing some of my male friends leave the house. I'm trying to use humour to approach a serious subject. The issue of male Andropause. Or as the media likes to call it Low T. It's very real and a growing problem. Men and women are actually both affected by this condition but men seem to have more severe symptoms as a result. Studies show testosterone levels in males has dropped by 20% in 2003 compared to 1988 and they continue to drop further every year. Why?

There are numerous factors. The biggest of these is our exposure to chemicals in our environment. Our diets

There are over 70.000 registered chemicals in the U.S. that have hormonal disrupting and toxic effects. We first discovered this when men working in the plastics industry started growing breasts from breathing in plastic dust. This was also noticed in fish becoming hermaphroditic (having both male and female sex characteristics) due to the islands of plastic floating off the Pacific Coast the size of Texas. These chemicals are estrogen mimicking, creating estrogen dominance causing girls to enter puberty sooner and men to start showing feminizing traits. If this wasn't bad enough this estrogen overload will definitely affect your performance and drive in the bed room.

These chemicals enter our bodies from exposure to pesticides, fertilizers, cosmetics, shaving cream,water bottles, condoms and many more sources to numerous to list. In fact one of the worst places for this exposure are golf courses, due to the enormous amounts of chemicals used to keep them maintained.

The diet connection: Eating WTC (White Trash Carbs) raises insulin levels. The more insulin circulating the more excess glucose is stored as fat. The more fat you have the more of an enzyme known asaromatase you have. Aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen. While some estrogen is necessary too much leads to numerous pathological conditions. Gynicomastia (male breasts) is a cosmetic issue, lack of sex drive sucks but it wont kill you. Although your wife might. Hey, they've got needs too! Cancer is another issue. All kidding aside, loosing your mojo causes you to loose one of the great joys in life. And no male wants to have to start wearing a D cup bra.

In the next installment I'll tell you how to naturally reverse this condition and not only get your mojo back but look and feel 100 times better. Stay tuned.