Low T part 2

At long last the much anticipated sequel to Man Boobs (The solution). As you recall that unavoidable exposure to xenoestrogens causes feminization in men and early puberty in children. That over consumption of WTC (white trash carbs) causes increased fat storage. Fat cells produce Estrogen and Aromatase which causes testosterone to break down into additional estrogen. The combined estrogen burden adversely affects the testes, adrenals, liver, pancreas, kidneys, thyroid and pituitary.

«Getting the mojo back«

  1. Fix the digestion
  2. Maximize liver function
  3. Purification; remove the toxins
  4. Maintain a modified purification, i.e. Paleo diet
  5. Inhibit aromatase activity
  6. Increase testosterone production
  7. Exercise

First, Fix the Digestion. Your stomach is your first line of defense. The natural acidity will deactivate the pesticides, hormones, plastic residue and antibodies in food which we take in our bodies before they can create all there negative down stream events. Unfortunately up to 80% of us are deficient in HCL (The acid in our stomach). Zypan is the product of choice to replace this naturally. This is a big first step.

Second, Maximize liver function. The liver plays a key role in dealing with these estrogen mimicking compounds.

If the liver is not efficient hormones are not properly processed.

Hormone metabolites re-enter circulation attaching to androgen receptor sites and disrupting testosterone production.

Phytonutrients facilitate hormone metabolism. You need to consume 6-8 servings of cruciferous vegetables per day......Yea right! Who will actually do that? Honestly not me. So a product called Cruciferous Complete taken daily will. Also Livton Complex is used to help keep the liver clean.

Next Purify.

Zypan, Cruciferous Complete and Livton will manage the on slot of harmful chemicals we ingest and it's the first step but it's unrealistic to expect them to clear out all the years of toxic sludge we have all accumulated over the years. We must purge this toxic build up out of our bodies.

There are numerous ways to detox. I personally had great success with the Standard Process system. A side benefit of a good detox is a dramatic decrease in pain. Sometimes a life changing decrease. We continue a good thing by adopting a modified Paleo diet. The term Paleo has become a buss word and has different meanings depending on who your listening to. I prefer the term Ancestral Diet. Refer to my nutrition guide for my version of it. (If you don't have a copy e-mail me and I'll see that you get it).

The next step.

Inhibit Aromatase.

The Cruciferous Complete serves a dual purpose for this but a great addition is a herb called Damiana. There is actually a liqueur with Damiana in it that has long been a traditional aphrodisiac. In clinical trials this has been shown to reduce aromatase and increase libido. Green tea is also good for this.

Raise Testosterone.

You could take exogenous testosterone. i.e. A needle in your butt every week.....or a patch. «I do« I could B.S. you and try to convince you that certain supplements work just as well but it would be just that, Bull Shit! You realistically want a fast track change? This is it. However; there are some risks. All in all it's actually a very safe drug. A side benefit is that at 200 mg per week it's a more effective birth control agent than the pill. You need to consult with an M.D. for this and I can turn you on to my doc if your interested. Now, there are natural ways to also do this. They are effective just not as dramatic. But they do work. Hell, just doing the stuff I've already suggested will work miracles. Tribulus and Zinc work very well. In fact most humans are deficient in Zinc. Critical for natural testosterone production. Important for the ladies too.

Lastly, Exercise:

Probably the most important key to this whole issue. I can't over emphasis this aspect. The single most efficient and economical form of exercise is resistance training. And here's the reality of it. It takes some effort. All of the dietary changes will have a dramatic effect but the level of not only cosmetic change but physiological change will be proportionate to the level of work you put into it.

I've given you the fountain of youth. Backed by the most current cutting edge research and what actually works in the trenches. You have the power to control your own destiny. We don't have to ideally stand by and watch the ravages of time and our environment take it's toll. For those of you who know me I just turned 58. I have incorporated these protocols for years and my bio markers show the results of a man in his 20's. I'm also stronger now than when I played football in school. Our ability to defy the clock and stay young in mind, body and spirit has never been greater. The choice is yours!