Neck and Back pain in San Clemente

Chiropractic, Neck and Back Pain in San Clemente

Back pain and neck pain are caused by numerous factors. By far the most common factor is what's termed the repetitive injury cycle. Doing the same thing over and over creates a hypoxic environment (lack of oxygen to the tissues). This in turns creates scar tissue to form. Think Carpal Tunnel which is a build up of scar tissue in the wrist that entraps the median nerve and can get so bad it requires surgery. One of the biggest culprits contributing to this condition is the hours we spend on computers. This same issue can happen any where in the body. If it happens in the back or glutes we call it sciatica. The poster child for this happening in the back and neck is a lifetime of sitting!

We all went to school where we sat all day in class. We all drive cars, we all sit in front of computers. Bottom line, you can go to the gym every day of your life and work out for two hours but what are you doing the other 22?

What we now know and this was verified by NASA research is that any muscle put into a shortened contracted position for any longer than 20 minutes tends to want to stay shortened and contracted.

These shortened muscles and myofascia attach to the joints and bones and subsequently alter their normal bio-mechanics which causes premature wear and tear to the joint but also predisposes you to acute injury.

The most effective approach to managing this condition is a combined approach of breaking down the scar tissue and mobilizing the restricted joints.

This is best accomplished with the use of ART, Active Release Technique and Chiropractic.

Active Release Technique is a patented soft tissue miracle developed by Dr. Michael Leahy D.C. an ex Air Force test pilot and member of the Denver Broncos medical team. It's being taught to doctors and physical therapists all over the world as a result of it's proven effectiveness.

So if you live in San Clemente and are living with neck pain or back pain you now have a solution. South Beach Pain and Injury Center is right next door in San Juan Capistrano.