Shock Wave Therapy

One of the more exciting technologies to come out recently is "Shock Wave" therapy. Also known as Extracorporeal Lipotripsey. This is the same technology originally used to break up kidney stones. Essentially we are sending an acoustic sound wave through the soft tissues. Some of the benefits for this therapy include. Increase in cell permeability Stimulation of microcirculation (blood, lymph) Release of substance P Reduction of non-myelinated nerve fibers Release of nitric oxide (NO), which leads to vasodilation, increased metabolic activity and angiogenesis and has an anti-inflammatory effect Antibacterial effect Release of growth hormones (blood vessels, epithelium, bones, collagen, etc.) Stimulation of stem cells Stimulation of neurons (neural spiking) All of these factors increase healing capacity. The release of stem cells is particularly interesting as this is one of the main physiological reasons we heal after injury. This technology is now being used by doctors and physical therapist all over the world and in regenerative medicine clinics when stem cells are given as this appears to increase the effectiveness with this type of procedure. A Pub Med search shows numerous studies that show very positive results in everything from wound healing, musculoskeletal injury, Alzheimer's, fat mobilization and even ED, erectile dysfunction. The treatments are painless and generally last 5 to 15 min. I recently brought one of these units into my practice and were already getting very positive feedback. The combination of ART, active release technique, Graston, decompression with this technology is an amazing combination. If you haven't been in my office for awhile you should try this. I think you'll be very happy with the results......... As always, watching your back.................Dr. Steve
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