Spinal Decompression (Cox Technique)

Spinal decompression is an amazing proven therapy for back pain,sciatica and leg pain as a result of disc herniation.

A specialized table allows us to literally "decompress" the spine which tends to compress with age or injury. This process of decompression creates a vacuum effect which pulls fluid and nutrients back into the disc creating more height to the disc which takes pressure off sensitive nerves that cause back pain.

The Cox Technique utilizes this table by further allowing the motion of flexion and lateral flexion. This aids in being very specific in targeting the area of problem in the spine. Most tables that do "decompression" are not capable of these additional movements.

Before and after treatment MRIs have documented an increase in disc height. This allows an effective non- surgical approach to manage conditions such as spinal stenosis, disc herniation and facet joint back pain.