The Importance of Chiropractic Maintance Care

The Importance of Mantanance Care

Do you want to stay out of pain?
Do you want a higher level of health and a better quality of life?
Do you want your spine to prematurly wear out?

If you anawered yes to the first two and no to the last question then you have to make sure your nurological system, i.e. the ability of your brain being able to talk to your body is fully functional.
Let's say that I cut the nerve from your brain to your heart. What would happen?  I'd be thrown in jail for murder.  And patient visits would dramatically drop off!
But let's say I just took a pair of plyers and compressed the nerve. Well I just reduced the flow of nerve transmission by a certain degree. Not enough to kill you but obviously a reduced amount of information to the heart. 
Now do you think your heart under that condition is operating at 100% ?
What about your lungs, your liver, your muscular system?
This is what we call a subluxation. Lack of proper motion of the vertabra joint complex.

Is there proof for this claim?

Dr. Henry Winsor M.D.  conducted a study at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. He diseccted 75 hmans and 25 cats. What he found was unpresidented. 

STOMACH DISEASES: If you died from a stomach condition there was a subluxation were the nerve from that organ originates at the spinal level

LUNG DISEASE Lack of motion at the upper thoracic level.

LIVER DISEASE: Lack of motion at the mid thoracic level

GALLSTONES: Subluxation at the lower thoracic levels

PANCREAS: Lack of motion at the lower thoracic levels

SPLEEN: Subluxation at that level

If you died from kidney disease there was a subluxation at that spinal level

PROSTATE AND BLADDER DISEASE: Lack of motion at the upper lumbar levels

UTERUS: Lack of motion at L2

HEART DISEASE: lack of motion at T1 - T5

THYMUS: Lack of motion at the thoracic level

This represented a 100% correlation. Very rare in any medical study.

IN CONCLUSION Dr. Winsor’s results were published in the respected medical journal, The Medical Times, and can be found in any medical library. But Dr. Winsor was not alone in his findings for similar studies by other researchers over the next few decades would confirm his initial conclusions IT IS CRITICAL THAT PROPER MOTION OCCURES IN THE SPINE FOR GOOD HEALTH.

All quotes taken from Winsor, H., Sympathetic Segmental Disturbances- 11. The Evidence of the Association in Dissected Cadaver of Visceral Disease with Vertebral Deformities of the Same Sympathetic Segments, Medical Times,49 1-7 Nov. 1921

Bottom line. If you want to stay healthy and be the best that you can be you need to get adjusted on a regular basis, at least once a month. 
Research has shown once a vertebral segment has lost mobility degenerative changes start in only 4 hours! 

Call today and get your spine in here........

As always, watching your back   Dr. Steve