Water Filters

I'm continually asked what is the best water to drink?

When it comes to water and filters there's a lot to unpack.

The fact that we even need to filter our water is sad, but a reality of our times.
When it comes to the choices we have regarding water systems there are many. 
All have benefits and all have drawbacks.

There are a couple of systems I've discovered along the way that do seem to cover all the issues that concern our water.

Keep in mind, I have no connection or financial interests in any of these systems.

The first is water you can buy or install their system into your home or office.
It's a company in Laguna Woods called Pristine Hydro. 949-581-9191

The second is a company that only sells filtration units but apparently has enhanced restructuring capability is in Orange and there contact web page is 

The following is a step-by-step analysis of these multistage systems and some of the short comings of various popular filters. 

    I hope this gives you some good info if you're considering a water filtration system . 

As always, watching your back......Dr. Steve