Why Are We Getting So Fat?

The NIH recently ******** their latest statistics on our ********** population. Over 70% of the population is now overweight *** of that over 44% are considered ********** obese! That's pretty freighting ***** that clinical ******* is associated with so many chronic diseases. This trend ******** ***** in the late 70's ***** 80's and has *********** since then. I recently was looking at ** high ****** album, I graduated in 1974. Interestingly I couldn't help but notice there were absolutely NO Obese Kids! Yea. there were a few "heavy" **** and God help them they were teased unmercifully, but I did not see one kid who I would describe as clinically obese. So, what happened between then and today? Did we just all start eating like pigs and stop moving? Actually, shortly after WW2, we started ********* many more calories than say back at *** turn ** the century due to increased food supply. Just look at the ********** ** a pro ******** player ** the 20's compared to one today. Today ***** gigantic given the access to more calories'. I've noticed something very interesting over the ***** I've been ** practice. **** we really drill down on people's diet, many ** my "overweight" patients are actually consuming fewer calories than **** actually should given there current weight. The real reason **** on this fast track of societal collapse ***** surprise you. Let me back up and give you a quick review ** ***** physiology. The energy ****** *** on is produced in our mitochondria. These are *** energy ********** plants in our cells. Typically, the average ***** cell has about 200 of these energy plants per cell unless you're talking about a nerve cell which has ***** 2,000. These organelles are actually "bacteria" with a completely ********* ****** than human. That means ** are completely dependent on bacteria for life. ***** bacteria can only use ******* and fat to produce what we actually need to ****** energy, which is ATP, Adenosine Tri Phosphate... By the way, the more mitochondria *** have the younger you are! Here's the real problem with *** current epidemic ** obesity. ** **** *********** waged war on *** bacteria! In 1976 ******** released the weed killer Round Up. ***** are ** many issues with this poison that for *** **** of brevity I'll only cover the most problematic. First, one of the main active *********** in Round ** is glyphosate. *** there are other ingredients that add to the ******** effect of glyphosate such ** surfactants' This chemical was produced ** be water soluble. Bad ideal ***** that means ** *** go *** were. ** evaporates goes into *** air and rain and damages our ******* of which we *** completely dependent on for our health ** **** is were all the nutrients we need for good health come from. It **** runs off into our rivers and lakes. ** which current ********* are that over 85% of the worlds **** is contaminated and over 90% ** the worlds soil ** contaminated. The ***** currently ****** **** 4 billion ****** ** this poison ***** year with China being *** world leader now **** the U.S. being number 2. Side note; The area most ******* in China is, *** Haun Provence. (where covid originated).... Guess what glyphosate was originally patented as? An antibiotic! The Japanese ****** that ******** ** basically said, there's ** way were putting this out as a drug ******* it was too toxic. So, Monsatin comes along looking for a replacement for ***** Orange which was used in Viet Nam as a *********** chemical and said, this is slightly less toxic, let's give this crap a go. And what do *********** do? ....Kill bacteria! We started poisoning our mitochondria in *** late 70's, which is when we began ****** the rise in ******* and ** 96' Monsatin ******** the Round Up ready **** ***** allowed *** crops to withstand higher and ****** ******* ** be ******* on them ** that wasn't bad enough, some genius discovered that by ********* ******** it directly on wheat, a ******* called desiccation, (wheat has to ** killed and left in *** field to dry ****** processing), that they could ****** time *** harvesting. 97% of all ************ available wheat has undergone this process. But understand most of *** crops ********* cotton are sprayed with **** poison. So, the real reason were getting fatter and fatter is because we have poisoned our mitochondria and essentially cannot use the calories we consume ** energy and subsequently ***** unused calories *** get stored as fat! So, what's *** solution? Obviously **** eating this poison! Look ** The environmental ******* group. Every **** they release *** list of what's called *** dirty dozen and the clean 15. The dirty dozen is a **** of the most heavily sprayed crops. ** which Strawberrys always seem to make the *** of the list. The clean 15 are *** ***** you can safely buy nonorganic and save money. Try to buy as much as ******** food grown from "regenerative farms". These are farms that go beyond organic which can **** similar ******** as non ******* due to growing issues. Regenerative farms first ****** the soil correctly. Hughe difference between organic *** regenerative as far as nutrient density. ** you live near me The Ecology ****** here in *** **** Capistrano is a regenerative farm. Go to your local farmers market and ask if they practice regenerative farming? Trader Joes is a pretty safe bet as far as *** getting contaminated food. If you'** looking for a great cause ** donate to, support Farmers Footprint.' **** ** a non-profit organization dedicated ** helping ******* transition **** chemical ******* farming to regenerative farming. Dr. Zach Bush is an amazing triple board certified MD who has dedicated *** life to **** issue and is a great source of ********* on this topic. ** ** **** the ******* of Farmers Footprint. He has a very unique gut support product that can very ******* reverse the ****** caused **** Round Up & other toxins. You can loose ****** fat, but not by exercising more ** reducing calories. You just need to realize what the real problem is. Now you do! If you want help in moving in that direction, let me know. As always, watching your back...........Dr. Steve

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