Why You Can not Loose Weight!

Ever wonder why you struggle to loose Fat? (Notice how I did not say weight).

The reason is your bodies very survival wont let you . Many people seem to be doing all the right things but still struggle to loose fat. The reasons can be numerous as to why but I will cover a major one here. Toxins stored in fat. Yes even the CDC's latest report states that every person they have ever tested shows levels of numerous toxins most of which are stored in adipocytes. Every thing from flame retardants to Bisphenol A, a hormone-like substance found in plastic. Even babies whose cord blood when measured show exposure to 287 known toxins.

The EPA released the National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS) in 82' and again in 87' and also showed a 100 % exposure in every cadaver tested to numerous toxic chemicals. This explains (to me) why, when I listen to the old time nutrition docs they all say it 's more difficult to treat patients today than in the past with nutrition. Because were all so more polluted now than at any other time. This is also why it can be so difficult to loose fat weight. Most industrial toxins are fat soluble and therefore stored in our fat cells. These toxins would be deadly if allowed to circulate through the body. So when you start to loose 12% body weight you can see an increase in toxins dumped into the system increase 23% to 51%. The more over weight you are the more you dump out. These toxins can affect the thyroid hormone T3 which is what helps you maintain a normal metabolism. These toxins will cause you to feel "irritable", but when you start to eat normally again they get pushed back into the fat cells and you feel better.

So, the solution is to just De-tox, right? Not necessarily. If not done correctly you can do more harm than good. In fact it may be healthier to be overweight than to be thin and loaded with toxins. Thin people seem to have more damage to their white adipose cells than overweight people. The detox process needs to support whats known as the phase 1 and phase 2 pathways in order to be safe and effective. The phase 1 or P450 pathway is a normal process we all have to naturally eliminate toxins. This is where the toxins are dumped into the system for elimination. The liver needs to convert these chemicals into a less harmful compound in order to be eliminated from the body. This is phase 2. Some of us are less proficient in one or more of these steps due to genetic factors or more often how we eat and don't eat. The take home message is that were all swimming in a toxic soup. We need to take the garbage out. If your struggling to loose weight then doing a proper detox program may be the solution. It certainly will improve your total health.

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